ICT in Educational Design - 

Processes, Materials, Resources


Programmatic issues, addressed in the project related to an interdisciplinary perspective on ICT from the borderline of pedagogical and engineering sciences, include the following:     

1. Designing the didactic-educational process - planning and organisation of lesson units (methodological, educational) supported by IT tools and methods; planning and organisation of classes (of all didactic strategies: associative, problem-oriented, exposing and operational), making use of multimedia didactic tools (digital media);        

2. Designing multimedia didactic materials - educational media (display materials, computer programs, Internet programs, multimedia course books, didactic packages, etc.); 

3. Designing ICT infrastructure and resources that are necessary for the functioning of educational media, i.e. educational platforms, e-learning, ICT tools (hardware and software). The problems especially address socio-educational and technical-engineering aspects of the analysed phenomena.

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